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Résumé writing | Interview prep | Career Coaching | cover letters | LinkedIn


Résumé Writing

Your résumé should be strong enough to open doors. You don't want to brag about your wins, but I do. I write your résumé so that you shine in it. In interviews we uncover your skills, talents, and achievements. Then I make you look great on paper.

Career Coaching

Not sure what's next for you in your career? Pretty sure there's something better but don't know where to look for it? Career coaching can help you uncover the path forward, tap into the confidence to venture forth, and clarify your values, skills, and talents.



LinkedIn Profile Resuscitation

Is your LinkedIn profile languishing from lack of attention? I craft your profile to reflect your assets and attract recruiters and prospective employers. Your new LinkedIn page will provide passive prospecting: it's busy working to get you discovered while you pick up your dry cleaning.

Interview Preparation

We prepare you to respond to interview questions with confidence, not memorized answers that make you sound like a robot. After our work, you will know who you are and the value you'll bring to your new job. You'll know how to talk about yourself so they see you as an opportunity.

Cover Letters

I craft cover letters that help hiring managers effortlessly see that your experience and strengths are what they're looking for. I reframe your experience in light of your new opportunity. Changing fields? Stepping up into leadership? A strong cover letter can make all the difference.